Cumberland Child Advocacy Association AGM Minutes

Cumberland Child Advocacy Association

Annual General Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2013

Present: Cyril Reid, Marie Osborne, Wendy Siddall, Colleen Dowe, Pat Hillier, Trudy

O’Neill, Danielle Clarke, Charlotte Fawthrop

Regrets: Dwight Jones and Lisa Emery, Tara Moore, Schools Plus, Halifax, Kim Wood, Schools Plus,CCRSB, Denise Pederson-Rafuse, Minister of Community Services

Guests: Kate Jacobs, Cumberland Early Intervention, Patti Bennet, Public Health, Marg Arsenault, Colchester Welfare Board, Jennifer Poulos, Public Health, Gary Landry,

Executive Director NS Council of Foster Families, Jane Landry, Executive Director NS Council of Family, Darla Hargreaves, Cumberland Health Authority, Carolyn d’Entremont, Maggie’s Place, Amherst, Renee Lusby, Cumberland YMCA, Virginia McManaman, Cumberland YMCA, Wanda Hebert, Halifax Office of DCS, Cathy Burke- Crowe, Amherst DCS, Paula Rideout, Amherst DCS, Sandra Mason, Amherst DCS, Mark Casey, CIBC Wood Gundy, Barb Reid, Nathalie Blanchet, NS Early Years Project.

1. Call to Order

Cyril called the meeting to order at 4:35 P.M.

2. Welcome

Cyril welcomed everyone to the meeting especially our guests.

3. Agenda

Motion: To approve the agenda.

Moved: Pat Hillier Seconded: Wendy Siddall

Motion carried.

4. Minutes

Motion: To approve the minutes of May 28, 2012 AGM. Moved: Trudy O’Neill Seconded: Danielle Clarke Motion carried.

5. Correspondence

This was no correspondence to report at this time.

6. Reports

a. President’s Report

Cyril read his circulated report.

Motion: To approve the President’s Report as distributed. Moved: Wendy Siddall Seconded: Colleen Dowe Motion carried.

b. Communications Report

Lisa Emery had sent her regrets and there was no report at this time.

c. Awards Committee Report

Charlotte read her circulated report.

Motion: To approve the Awards Committee Report as distributed.

Moved: Pat Hillier Seconded: Danielle Clarke

Motion carried.

The grant presentations were made to: Maggies Place and Cumberland YMCA. Each recipient then gave a brief overview of their project.

7. New Business

a. DCS Report

Wanda gave a brief report. She thanked the CCAA board members and in particular our President, Cyril Reid, for his dedication to DCS. She reported there is a new board in Antigonish. The Annual Workshop will be held at Liscombe Lodge on October 18 &


Cyril thanked Wanda for her report.

8. Guest Speaker

Nathalie Blanchet, Executive Lead of Early Years, gave a very informative overview of the

project. Early Years includes four ministers, Health, Education, Finance and DCS. The recommendations included best practices and the research behind the programs. Also, a program inventory was completed. The recommendations have gone to Cabinet for approval. Four sites will be chosen around the province for a pilot project.

Cyril thanked Ms.Blanchet and gave her a small token of our appreciation.

9. Other Business

a. Election of Officers

Dwight Jones, Nominations Chair, was absent.

Cyril Reid, President, called for nominations for the following positions: President - 3 calls -remains Cyril Reid

1st Vice President - 3 calls - remains Dwight Jones

2nd Vice President - 3 calls -remains Wendy Siddall Secretary - 3 calls - remains Charlotte Fawthrop Treasurer - 3 calls - remains Marie Osborne

Directors - 3 calls - remains Lisa Emery, Trudy O’Neill, Colleen Dowe, Pat Hillier and



10. Adjournement

On motion by Pat Hillier

Recorded by,

Charlotte Fawthrop, Secretary