Cumberland Child Advocacy Association AGM Minutes

Cumberland Child Advocacy Association
Annual General Meeting Minutes
May 31, 2017

Present: Cyril Reid, Wendy Siddall, Pat Hillier, Trudy O’Neill, Lisa Emery, Danielle

Laurie, Lyndsay Best and Charlotte Fawthrop

Guests: Tom Wood, Amherst Police Department, Michelle Harrison, Amherst Police

Department, Kim Wood, Amherst Schools Plus, Jeff MacNeil, YMCA of Cumberland,

Bea Buckland, DCS-Preventive and Early Intervention, Deana Bryan, DCS-Prevention

Coordinator, Tara Moore, EECD, Schools Plus, Jane Boyd Landry, Nova Scotia Council

for the Family, Gary Landry, Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia, Jennifer

Furlong, Restorative Justice, Marie Osborne, CCYF, Tom Osborne.

Regrets: Colleen Dowe, Adam Davies, Wanda Hebert, George Savoury

1.Call to Order

The President, Cyril Reid, called the meeting to order at 5:05 P.M.


Cyril welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Motion: To approve the agenda.

Moved: Pat Hillier Seconded: Wendy Siddall

Motion carried.


Motion: To approve the minutes of June 1, 2016 AGM.

Moved: Lisa Emery Seconded: Charlotte Fawthrop

Motion carried.


a.Presidents Report

Cyril highlighted various items in his distributed report.

Motion: To approve the amended report.

Moved: Lisa Emery Seconded: Lyndsay Best

Motion carried.

b.Awards Committee Report

Charlotte read her report as circulated.

Motion: To approve the Awards Committee Report.

Moved: Charlotte Fawthrop Seconded: Pat Hillier

Motion carried.

c.Vital Signs Committee

Lisa Emery gave her report on this Committee which continues to work on projects.

Motion: To approve the Vital Signs Report

Moved: Lisa Emery Seconded: Charlotte Fawthrop

Motion carried.

d.Provincial Report

In Wanda Hebert’s absence, Bea Buckland gave a brief review of DCS changes. She

informed us DCS is going through a major transformation. When the new Act was

approved on March 1st it meant a number of major changes had to be made. The main

emphasis at DCS is prevention and early intervention.

Cyril thanked Bea for the report especially on such short notice.

6.Guest Speaker

Jeff MacNeil from Cumberland YMCA gave a very informative report on the Youth

Centre at the YMCA. He informed us of a 2013 research project which highlighted the

need for a Youth Centre. The YMCA determined it had the space but not the resources

for such an initiative. With the support of many community partners including, Amherst

Police Department, Cumberland Kids, the YMCA provided a space and youth drop-ins

were held. These were very successful but all felt the need for a designated space.

With the grant monies, $9500, from both CCAA and CCYF the YMCA was able to begin

the construction of a designated room. Upon recognising the community support two

other groups also contributed to the project, Joyce Foundation and Post Office. The

YMCA strongly feels now that a Youth Centre has been established it will be far easier

to access future required funds. Jeff indicates the Centre has provided a space to over

300 different youth. A few of the programs include using the recreation facilities of the

Y, using the programs set up within the Centre itself and also developing a community

garden on the Y property. Many seniors from the community have also volunteered

their time to enhance programs.

Cyril thanked Jeff for the informative presentation.

7.Other Business


The successful grant recipient this year is Empowering Beyond Barriers, Home Plate .

Both Jennifer Furlong and Tom Wood gave an overview of the project. Jennifer’s

contribution was to give an example of the need for a crisis destination for youth. She

cited a Cumberland Kids meeting where a member witnessed the need first hand. It

was from that time on a committee was established to look into feasibility. The need for

support is recognised by many groups throughout the County. EBB looks at poverty

issues and coping. Mental Health, Public Health and many other groups are involved.

Tom gave a brief description of the project. Home Plate will serve 16 to 18 year olds

who have no place to stay. This program will enable them to remain in school and have

a stable household. The designated homes will all have their safety checks and be

throughout Cumberland County. They will provide lodging, meals and support for

education. This will run from September to June. The hope is it will be sustainable.

Bea Buckland agreed to meet with the Board and the EBB group to look at this


The cheque presentation was made with the explanation the amount will be forthcoming

in four installments providing criteria are met with a total of $5000.

b.Nominations Committee Report

Wendy Siddall read the circulated report. After three calls for nominations,the following

offices were elected:

President - Cyril Reid

Vice President - Wendy Siddall

Secretary/Treasurer - Charlotte Fawthrop

Directors - Lyndsay Best, Adam Davies, Colleen Dowe, Lisa Emery, Pat Hillier, Danielle

Laurie and Trudy O’Neill

Motion: To accept the Nomination Report as presented.

Moved: Wendy Siddall Seconded: Danielle Laurie

Motion carried.


On motion by Wendy Siddall.

Recorded by,

Charlotte Fawthrop, Secretary