A Guiding Light for Children and Families in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Our Role for Children, Youth and Families

The Cumberland Child Advocacy Association will serve as a link between the community and the Department of Community Services (Child Welfare) - Cumberland District Office, and collectively between our citizens and the Minister of Community Services. Our commitment is to:

  • Promote the prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Assure the best interests of children
  • Promote the integrity of the family
  • Preserve children's cultural, racial and linguistic heritage
  • Work with other community services and partners to help prevent, alleviate and remedy the personal, social and economic conditions that might place children and families at risk

We will support Department of Community Services (Child Welfare) - Cumberland District Office in their efforts to: protect children; support and educate families; ensure a safe, permanent home for every child.

We will strengthen and build our community and the service networks within our community.

We will advocate for the children and families we serve, raising awareness of the importance of addressing this community's needs.

We will join with others to create a community that places a high priority on safe, prosperous, educated, and healthy children and families.

Our Mission

The Cumberland Child Advocacy Association advocates on behalf of all children, youth and families in Cumberland County to provide opportunities for health, safety, education and economic security.

Our Vision

The Cumberland Child Advocacy Association believes all children and youth deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

Our Organizational Core Values

​We believe in strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunities to support children and youth success.

Strategic Objectives

Provide excellent child, youth and family services. This is the overall objective of the CCAA in accordance with our mission to strengthen families and our community, to empower children and youth, and to foster a safe and healthy environment.